Very occasionally we may need to advise that you are no longer medically fit for your job.  As a result your employer may have to terminate your contract on health grounds.  This can be a fair reason for dismissal in employment law. 

If your GP continues to sign you off sick, you can end up losing your job.  This makes it important to follow occupational health advice particularly if it is possible to help you get back to work and so avoid losing your job.

If you have had lots of sickness absence, dismissal may also be considered fair in employment law.  It is therefore important to ensure that you have done all you can to avoid sickness absence (for example seeking advice from your GP, taking the appropriate medicine, attending hospital appointments etc.) and to ensure that your absence is for genuine and unavoidable reasons.

GPs have, by law, to provide a Med 3 'sicknote' to patients.  The Med 3 is required only to enable you to claim statutory sick pay.  In many cases, GPs do not understand the demands of the job, so if you ask for a Med 3 they assume that you cannot work and will give you one.  An occupational health assessment can help you identify work you can still do even though you may feel unable to undertake your usual work.